Note: Our Organization is established for the less privileged
Note: Our Organization is established for the less privileged
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About Us

About Addiyah Foundation for Development

Addiyah Foundation for Development is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to fostering positive change and sustainable development in communities. Committed to the principles of compassion and inclusivity, Addiyah Foundation tirelessly works towards alleviating the challenges faced by the less privileged. By implementing impactful initiatives, ranging from education and healthcare to community empowerment projects, the foundation aims to uplift individuals and create a ripple effect that transforms entire communities.

Through a collaborative and transparent approach, Addiyah Foundation for Development stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to join in the journey toward a more equitable and prosperous society.

More Details

Organization Name: Addiyah Foundation for Development.

Nature: : Islamic Development Charitable Foundation working to serve the human community.

Motto: Together for a Better Life.

Vision: To be the best humanitarian Organisation in Nigeria, West Africa and World at Large.

Message: Delivering the message of Islam with peace and benevolence to the poor and the poor by providing humanitarian Services.

Founding Date: 2014

Registration Date: 2020

Registration Number: CAC / IT / NO: 145945

Location: Baobab Building, Opposite Eruwa High School, Eruwa, Oyo-State, Nigeria.

Work Sites: Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Mali and Cameroon.


  • Delivering the message of Islam to peace in all rural and rural Nigeria and West Africa.
  • Providing humanitarian and relief services to the needy.
  • Drilling Wells.
  • Establishing medical and Islamic centers.
  • Building and restoring Mosques.
  • Ensuring Orphans and Widows.
  • Organizing educational and Islamic programs.
  • Medical Awareness.
  • Building orphanages and homes for the poor.
  • Slaughter and distribution of sacrifices.
  • Distribution of food parcels and feeding hot meals.
  • Distribution of museums and other works that benefit society.
  • Collect zakat and alms and distribute them to those who are legally entitled.